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New Games

Naruto Monster Car

Naruto really loves driving. This time he hops into a monster car and goes to the mountains. The map is lush terrain and is very hilly. Your goal is to help him maintain his balance, get over all obstacles and reach the finish line. Collect as many eggs as you can to increase your points at the end of each level. The game consists of a total of 10 challenging levels.


Up Arrow Key: Accelerator
Down Arrow Key: Reverse
Left Arrow Key: Backward
Right Arrow Key: Forward

Category : Naruto Racing Games
Play Played : 169 0 0

Naruto Safe Frog

Naruto finds himself facing a difficult challenge. He has to collect all the frogs while trying not to get caught by his enemies.

The game gets harder as you go through levels because the number of enemies you have to deal with will increase.


Use the arrow keys to move and jump.

Category : Naruto Action Games
Play Played : 158 0 0

Naruto Bomb

This is an excellent remake of Bomberman game. It appears, both Naruto and Sasuke have a new way of fighting. This time they use bombs to blow each other up. Your goal in this game is to guide your character around the maze placing bombs and picking up extra items. You can become more powerful with the bonuses which come from under the blocks you bomb. Now get in there and try to defeat your opponent before he defeats you!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

Press the spacebar to place a bomb.

Category : Naruto Action Games
Play Played : 218 0 0

Naruto Shippuden Memory Card Game

A simple and fun memory game. Your objective is to remove all the cards by finding and unfolding the pairs together. Every time you pass a level more cards will be added to the board. But your time is limited to 60 seconds, which means you'll have to match the characters in the fastest way possible!

> The match bonus is 200 points.

> If cards don't match, your score is reduced by 5.

> You lose 5 points for each second that passes.


Use you mouse to click on the cards.

Category : Naruto Card Games
Play Played : 189 0 0

Ramen Cooking Game

Ramen is a delicious Japanese noodle soup dish made from stock based on chicken or pork, combined with a variety of ingredients such as kombu (kelp), katsuobushi (skipjack tuna flakes), niboshi (dried baby sardines), beef bones, shiitake, and onions, and then flavored with salt, miso, or soy sauce.

It sounds yummy, right? Well, let's cook it for Naruto. It's his favorite food and he is hungry as hell.


Use your mouse to click on the objects in the correct order.

Category : Naruto Cooking Games
Play Played : 166 0 0

Naruto Bicycle Game

Naruto embarks on a new adventure with his bicycle. Drive over hills and obstacles until the end of ten tracks and don't forget that with each level it will be more and more difficult to reach the finish line.


Up Arrow Key: Accelerator
Down Arrow Key: Reverse
Left Arrow Key: Backward
Right Arrow Key: Forward

Category : Naruto Racing Games
Play Played : 181 0 0

Naruto Basketball

Naruto always dreamed of being a basketball player just like Michael Jordan. But he needs skills, faith and training. Get the ball and start shooting your baskets. Determine the angle, set the pace and throw the ball by using your mouse. Let's see how many of your shots will score.


Move your mouse to adjust the alignment and speed. Then click once to throw the ball.

Category : Naruto Sports Games
Play Played : 183 0 0

Naruto Summer Festival

Naruto loves summer and he really enjoys attending festivals. He is excited about a summer festival taking place in his town. His wardrobe offers a large variety of clothes, yet he can't decide what to wear. Now do you believe it? You can become his stylist and dress him up with perfect festival clothes and charming accessories.

Choose the clothes that will suit him best and don't forget to keep an eye on his reactions which will give you some insight into what he would like to wear.


Use the mouse to select items.

Category : Naruto Girl Games
Play Played : 168 0 0

Naruto And The Sword

In this fun adventure game Naruto needs your help to get his swords back from the enemies. Try to kill each one of them, collect the bonuses, find the sword and level up among platforms.


Use the arrow keys to move and jump.

Press the space bar to attack.

Category : Naruto Adventure Games
Play Played : 195 0 0

Naruto Bmx Challenge

Naruto has many skills on his BMX. He wants to show you some new movements too, but you must keep his balance!

There are a total of 10 levels, but unlike many other biking games where it's all about making it all the way through, this game additionally requires the player to complete a special task on each level, like performing a certain number of flips, pushing a ball using front wheel or collecting diamonds etc.


Up Arrow Key: Accelerator
Down Arrow Key: Reverse
Left Arrow Key: Backward
Right Arrow Key: Forward

Note: 7. level description says "Push the ball with your front wheel to the finish post", but what you actually need to do is ride your bike for a few meters in a wheelie position.

Category : Naruto Racing Games
Play Played : 204 0 0

World Hero Fighting

Heroes from all around the world gather in this cool fighting game where Naruto represents Japan; Captain America and Spider-Man represent USA. Select your favourite hero and defeat all the rest, one after the other until they understand who's the boss.


Press A and D to move or select character.

Press J to start.

Press W to jump.

Press J,K or L for normal attack.

Special Skills:

J + K

S + Forward(A or D) + J

Category : Naruto Action Games
Play Played : 202 0 0

Naruto Adventure 2

Naruto is on a difficult journey. His path is full of dangers. Your task in this game is to guide him to find the key and reach the treasure box. Also try to collect all the coins for score and hearts for energy refill. Avoid falling from height and watch out for the fire, hungry fishes and deadly ninja stars. He knows that only you can help him survive this complex journey. Good luck!


Press the left or right arrow key to walk.

Tap space to jump.

Category : Naruto Adventure Games
Play Played : 200 0 0
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